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Doula Train​ing

by Warm Welcome Birth Services

Upcoming Workshops

Birth Doula Workshop - Online Session

Put your passion into action with a workshop that's absolutely practical, heart-centered, and unforgettable! In 5 intensive and fun days, gain the skills to launch your doula practice. Includes practice session with pregnant parents. Tuition $900.

Partial scholarships available for BIPOC since 2015.

Now accepting applications!

Begins Saturday, January 8, 2022

from doula Lillian Roberts

"The decision of where to invest my precious time, energy and money became an easy one when Michelle announced her upcoming virtual workshops and trainings. Michelle effortlessly holds space for a sense of ease, community and fun in her classes. She is a naturally gifted teacher who holds a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from her experiences as a Certified Professional Midwife, doula, and long-time doula trainer. I look forward to Michelle's classes knowing that not only will I have an incredibly enriching learning experience, but that I will l also leave feeling uplifted and refreshed."

2020 online workshop participant

Creative Movement: Practical Prep for a Positive Birth

This non-athletic class draws on the body wisdom of yoga and dance, offering you the opportunity to learn practical techniques for a smoother, easier birth. In this class, pregnant people and their partners will learn how to use pillows, birth balls, chairs, birth dance, and the physical support of their partner and/or doula during birth.

Sunday, January 23, 2022 12:30-3p

$45 pair, $30 single, scholarships available.

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Doulas! Find Your People, Help Your People Find You

Are you eager to be attending more births, but unsure of how to meet clients? Despite the pandemic, people are still getting pregnant, and they are still seeking out the vital support a doula can provide. In this webinar with expert doula and homebirth Midwife Michelle L’Esperance, learn how to find clients who will love what you have to offer (even if that's virtual care). We’ll cover phrasing, visuals, platforms, and how to handle early contacts well. $50, 2.5 hours. BIPOC and other discount may apply. Bundle with two other continuing ed classes for doulas and save!

Great Intakes: The Questionnaire

I send an 80-item questionnaire to new clients. Their responses give me a huge boost in understanding their perspective, past, values, and hopes. In this webinar, we cover some of the key questions on my questionnaire. I’ll teach you why I ask, and how I respond, and resources I share. You get an editable copy of the whole document for your use. $50, 2.5 hours. BIPOC and other discount may apply. Bundle with two other continuing ed classes for doulas and save!  Register Today

Sustainable Birthwork

How do you, as a caregiver, commit to also caring for yourself? Keep doing the work that you love, and bring your best to the families you care for. We'll cover coping with sleep disruption, on-call tips, healthy boundaries, recovering after difficult births, and practice management. By Michelle L'Esperance, birthworker since 1996.Bundle with two other continuing ed classes for doulas and save!  Register Today

Safe Training in Pandemic Times

We are committed to providing top-notch doula training in a setting and manner that is as safe as possible during the pandemic, while continuing to give you structured opportunity for the human connection and touch that is a deep part of birth work.

-Flexible roll-over policy if you or a close contact of of yours need to quarantine during the workshop dates.

-Tighter scheduling of workshop days to reduce the likelihood of a participant becoming infected during the workshop span.

-We're joyfully offering a variety of online workshops for aspiring and experienced doulas. Scheduled in short sessions to enhance your learning and enjoyment!

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Michelle L'Esperance, Midwife & Doula